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Shekel World Coin is the world’s preeminent cryptocurrency created specifically for the faith-based community of 2 Billion Christians worldwide. Get Started
01. welcome

About Us

Shekel World is a digital marketplace with its own cryptocurrency that is geared towards the christian faith based community.

Engaging this community of 2 Billion people worldwide through an unprecedented marketing campaign, we look forward to launching our cryptocurrency as well as this comprehensive platform that can service many needs.

Shekel TV

On demand, high quality content

Shekel Music

Make worship the soundtrack of your life

Shekel Social

Buy and sell goods and services

Shekel Books

The books you want to read

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All of your favorite artists and events

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Get to where you are going at the best price
03. Who we are

Our Mission

We offer the christian community an opportunity to participate in the crypto revolution at the ground floor.

Our Digital Marketplace creates utility, which drives the value of our coin. Shekel World participants enjoy the benefit of knowing that as they participate, the value of our community coin grows, enabling our ecosystem to meet needs on a large scale globally.

Our Misssion
04. How we do it

What is Shekel World Coin?

Shekel World Coin is an ERC-20 token that establishes a new currency for the 2 Billion christians worldwide. Shekel World Coin can be spent on our Digital Marketplace Shekel World to buy a vast array of goods and services.

Our cryptocurrency is registered and transparent, including a PCAOB audit of our issuing corporation. This positions our coin to thrive in the wake of upcoming regulatory measures being considered that may put other cryptocurrencies in jeopardy.

Community can move their coin to their Shekel World Visa debit card

Trade it for other cryptocurrency

Cash it out in our ATM machines

Spend it in our Global Marketplace

05. Team

Team & Advisors

Mark G. Townsend

CEO & Founder

Walton Smith

Director of Artist Relations

Darshan Sedani

Chief Technology Officer

Tom Lavardera

Chief Financial Officer

Devang Ajmera

Chief Development Officer

Pooja Shah

Chief Product Officer

Chandani Jha

Project Manager
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